Interior architect and designer, born in 1977. 

Lives and works in Paris, France. 

After studying at Ecole Boulle in Paris, Marion Duclos Mailaender launched her interior design office called Design&fils in Paris in 2004. Since then, she has created objects and scenographies, as well as residential and commercial projects.
Her creative humor has already attracted many creative personalities like Amélie Pichard or the Colombian designer Esteban Cortazar, who trusted her through unique projects. 

Functioning instinctively, Marion mixes genres and eras and does not hesitate to exceed the limits of good taste through projects often referring with the 80’s and 90’s.
Once the plans and volumes work, Marion establishes an important dialogue with her clients so that their personalities are revealed in the selection of furniture, materials, decoration. 

The idea is to accompany the customers in the modernity.
The projects entrusted to the agency are often born of meetings and are extremely varied. This allows her to question herself every-time, materializing desires and needs for each new projects.
Sophie Calle for whom she rethinks her house and studio, Amelie Pichard with whom she co-signs an erotic boutique film in the heart of Paris, Marion manages to bring her customers where they dared not imagine go.
Her creativity and sense of detail and material exult when she moves her cursor to the scale of the object. Her free spirit allows her to transcend the boundaries, which she handles references with brio. It pays tribute to the master of Italian design Gio Ponti by reinterpreting his Superleggera in a bronze version that is difficult to move with two hands. She also extracts everyday objects such as windshields that she introduces into our sculptural mirror interiors.
She also assemblages samples of materials refused by its customers. Marble and granito then form «Samples Vases» looking like handbags.
Marion Mailaender uses in her everyday objects details that may seem trivial, but which nevertheless form the basis of a memory to be reactivated.
Embodying a certain idea of the new French scene, Marion draws her strength from her references and the artists around her. It is not uncommon to find in her projects pieces of her favorite designers like Mario Botta or Ettore Sottsass that she sometimes finds in her studio, which she sometimes transforms into a gallery. The design of the ‘80s then rubs shoulders with the works of his artist friends, photographers and designers.
Not to mention that Marion comes from the South, which she readily invites the accent in her projects. The plaster is in the spotlight in the objects she draws, the colorful prints of Claude Viallat are often invited on the walls, not to mention the memories of her childhood at the Cité Radieuse, where she was born. 


Artist, born in 1981.

Lives and works in Paris.

She started studying at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2000 at Richard Deacon’s studio, and graduated in 2005. She also did a post-diploma at Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Elvire Bonduelle is engaged in a demanding quest for happiness that obliges her to use all sorts of media : drawing, sculpture, video and painting.«Elvire Bonduelle thinks that art should be pretty and light but never frivolous. On the contrary, her work exudes authority. After graduating from fine arts school in 2005 she decided to dedicate her life to a serious quest for happiness, optimism totally in contrast to the cliché of the wretched artiste maudit. She likes to talk about “self-sculpture.”This is the source of a studied fresh- ness that could not exist without a consciousness of the difficulty of existence.The seriousness and joy go together. It’s tempting to see Bonduelle in an art historical light. Her objects sometimes bring to mind Minimalism, as with Wood is Good (2012), a hinged wooden armchair that can be unfolded and laid out flat. Among the artists she admires most are Donald Judd, obviously, Sol LeWitt, and Bruce Nauman, whose videos fascinate her because of the way they are built around paradoxes. But at the same time her work displays a fond- ness for ornamentation, and she readily cites the writings of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement. We’re also reminded of the mischievous humor of François Morellet, Taroop & Glabel’s collections of absurd images and the unreal constructions of Andrea Zittel. Bonduelle’s practice is not categorically correct. She works by intuition. Tiptoeing through art history, she plucks out its contradictions». Extract from Anaël Pigeat’s text, art press N°397.



Eva Garcia and Nicolas Miessner

Artist and Architect, born in 1980 and 1978.

Live and work in Paris.

Eva Garcia and Nicolas Miessner created in 2008 GMDiffraction.
They focused their research on light as matter, its consistency and its diffusion in the object.
A means of expression and a field of experimentation, their work is based on a quest of the right balance. Eva Garcia’s proven requirement in the world of decoration and craftsmanship combined with the know-how of Nicolas Miessner, architect DPLG, allow these two creators to explore unique territories and transmit us the feeling of a moving and intriguing world. In their studio, they began to collect, gather various objects and to handle some materials: steel, brass, mirror, glass, porcelain. Their creative process has gradually been enriched with meetings and collaborations to complete demanding creations, in a constant attention to detail.


Designer, born in 1983.

Lives and works in Brussels.

Self-taught designer, the creative approach of Pierre Coddens is especially intuitive. At the beginning of his practice, he partners with a cabinetmaker friend to create a carpentry. Progressively, he is attracted by the creation of unique pieces of furniture and realizes a first collection of coffee tables that he tailors for his clients.
Later, he will discover a particular interest for crafts and crafts whose knowledge is gradually lost. He will be interested in metalworking and with the help of craftsmen, he will learn old techniques of welding and oxidation. By integrating this traditional know-how into his resolutely contemporary work, he aims to highlight quality craftsmanship and the importance of preserving it. From this, his first lighting designs came out.
Favoring a minimalist aspect, he emphasizes the graphic impact of his objects, which he conceives as functional sculptures. Preferring to define himself as a creator rather than a designer, he attaches a particular importance to the use of noble materials. At the opposite of industry and mass production, his achievements are made with the help of local partners sharing the same values of simplicity and of constant search for excellence, driven by a fierce determination to avoid obsolescence by using the good and common sense.
His work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions at the gallery and his lighting piece «Branch» was exhibited this year at the CID (Grand Hornu) in the exhibition «From Belgium with Light» gathering designers like Muller van Severen, Maarten de Ceulaer and Xavier Lust.
In October 2018, Pierre Coddens created a singular installation of lighting sculptures. This installation is the result of a body of works called «Dear Eva», realized on the occasion of a group show entitled « A Tribute to», we presented last October at Atelier Jespers. Pierre Coddens created a series of four pieces in interaction with the memory of the artist Eva Hesse.
Made of forged brass and deformed by the force of his body, sometimes joined each other by a flesh-colored silicone link, Pierre Coddens pays a personal tribute to the notion of Anti-Form and also refers to Matthew Barney’s practice and especially on his methodology of physical exertion. 


Marie Corbin and Benoît Maire

Architect and Artist, born in 1983 and 1978.

Live and work in Bordeaux.

“KER-XAVIER” is a French label of design headed by the architect Marie Corbin and the artist Benoît Maire. The label has been created in Paris by 5 architects and established itself as a company called Ker-Xavier Sarl in 2018. Between 2011 and 2015, Ker-Xavier was primarily concerned by the domain of exhibition design.
In 2014, Marie Corbin worked with Franco-Vietnamese artist Thu Van Tran on Marguerite Duras’ exhibition for The Center Pompidou in Paris, where she managed partnerships and production to realize the installation of the artist.
In 2016, Benoît Maire was asked to create the exhibition design of Julien Carreyn at Crèvecoeur gallery for the exhibition «Photographies du soir» ( Evening Photographs ). This was the starting point of creating a line of furniture called «du soir» (evening), and the on-going relationship between Ker-Xavier and Julien Carreyn. «Ker-Xavier» now develops objects and furniture such as tables, chairs, stools, lamps and vases. To keep their practice based on exchanges and dialogues they are also open to new collaborations with artists, designers and architects. They present as well, collected rare objects, artifacts and furniture designs to enrich their approach and put a light on distinctive practices they estimate or relate to.