From March 13th to 17th, 2019 at the vanderborght Building, Booth 1.4

We are very honored to present an important selection of furnitures and objects by “KER-XAVIER” and a large installation of lighting sculptures by the Belgium designer PIERRE CODDENS.


«KER-XAVIER» is a french label of design headed by the architect Marie Corbin and the artist Benoît Maire. 

The label has been created in Paris by 5 architects and established itself as a company called Ker-Xavier Sarl in 2018.Between 2011 and 2015, Ker-Xavier was primarily concerned by the domain of exhibition design. In 2014, Marie Corbin worked with Franco-Vietnamese artist Thu Van Tran on Marguerite Duras’ exhibition for The Center Pompidou in Paris, where she managed partnerships and production to realize the installation of the artist. In 2016, Benoît Maire was asked to create the exhibition design of Julien Carreyn at Crèvecoeur gallery for the exhibition «Photographies du soir» ( Evening Photographs ). This was the starting point of creating a line of furniture called «du soir» (evening), and the on-going relationship between Ker-Xavier and Julien Carreyn. «Ker-Xavier» now develops objects and furniture such as tables, chairs, stools, lamps and vases. To keep their practice based on exchanges and dialogues they are also open to new collaborations with artists, designers and architects. They present as well, collected rare objects, artifacts and furniture designs to enrich their approach and put a light on distinctive practices they estimate or relate to.


PIERRE CODDENS Self-taught designer, his creative approach is especially intuitive. Initially it is the work of wood that interests him. At the begining of his practive, he partners with a cabinetmaker friend to create a carpentry. Progressively, he is attracted by the creation of unique pieces of furniture and realizes a first collection of coffee tables that he tailors for his clients. Later, he will discover a particular interest for crafts and crafts whose knowledge is gradually lost. He will be interested in metalworking and with the help of craftsmen, he will learn old techniques of welding and oxidation. By integrating this traditional know-how into his resolutely contemporary work, he aims to highlight quality craftsmanship and the importance of preserving it. From this, his first lighting designs came out. Favoring a minimalist aspect, he emphasizes the graphic impact of his objects, which he conceives as functional sculptures. Preferring to define himself as a creator rather than a designer, he attaches a particular importance to the use of noble materials. At the opposite of industry and mass production, his achievements are made with the help of local partners sharing the same values of simplicity and of constant search for excellence, driven by a fierce determi- nation to avoid obsolescence by using the good and common sense. His work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions at the gallery and his lighting piece «Branch» was exhibited this year at the CID (Grand Hornu) in the exhibition «From Belgium with Light» gathering designers like Muller van Severen, Maarten de Ceulaer and Xavier Lust.


from October 13th to November 9th 2018 at Atelier Jespers.
Following the collector Jean-François Declercq’s invitation, The Impermanent Collection is delighted to invest the Atelier Jespers to present its next show, A TRIBUTE TO, presenting a selection of furniture design and functional objects made in homage to some great, original and influential figures from Art or Design’s History by the following artists, designers and architects :

Elvire Bonduelle
Pierre Coddens
Marion Duclos Mailaender (Design&fils)
GMDiffraction (Eva Garcia and Nicolas Miessner)
Ker-Xavier (Marie Corbin et Benoît Maire)
Guillaume van Wassenhove (Atelier van Wassenhove)
Adrien Vescovi

From October 13th to November 9th 2018.
Atelier Jespers
149 rue du Prince Héritier
1200 Wolluwé St Lambert.


from march 7th to 11th, 2018
Vanderborght Building, Brussels.

The Impermanent Collection wishes to initiate, through its exhibition projects and its choice of designers, artists and architects with whom it collaborates, a dialogue between Design, Art and Architecture, in creating coherent bridges between these worlds intimately linked. By showing, for example and as an introduction for Collectible Fair’s first edition , that functional objects, attached to a use and a production economy have in common to take sometimes a poetic expression, sometimes an aesthetic character to play with the boundaries between Art and Design.
If during the twentieth century, many uses and many forms have been developed in terms of Industrial Design and Artisanal Design, it seems appropriate nowadays to revisit, re-use or divert these objects and these artifacts, to seek a match between the useful, the beautiful and the well-done, and thus allow the elaboration of a new and contemporary creation. It is around these themes that The Impermanent Collection, in collaboration with Emilie Pischedda, has chosen to bring together, for the first edition of Collectible Fair in Brussels: furniture design, lighting design, objects and works of art by Marion Duclos Mailaender (Design & Fils) , of Pierre Coddens, Adrien Vescovi and Julien Colombier.

For more informations visit :

Simultaneously at the gallery Avenue de Stalingrad 13, 1000 Bruxelles:
Another Julien Colombier’s rug, edited by the Ateliers Pinton, among a selection lighting and furniture design by GMDiffraction, Pierre Coddens and collective Ker-Xavier.


from September 9th to October 14th, 2017
For the occasion of Brussels Design September and Brussels Gallery Weekend, we are very pleased to announce Elvire Bonduelle solo show at the gallery.
We will present a series of “furniture sculpture”, “rotating painting” and a “bird painting”.

« Elvire Bonduelle is engaged in a demanding quest for happiness that obliges her to use all sorts of media ―drawing, sculpture, video and now painting.

Elvire Bonduelle thinks that art should be pretty and light but never frivolous. On the contrary, her work exudes authority. After graduating from fine arts school in 2005 she decided to dedicate her life to a serious quest for happiness, optimism totally in contrast to the cliché of the wretched artiste maudit. She likes to talk about “self-sculpture.” This is the source of a studied fresh- ness that could not exist without a consciousness of the difficulty of existence. The seriousness and joy go together. It’s tempting to see Bonduelle in an art historical light. Her objects sometimes bring to mind Minimalism, as with Wood is Good (2012), a hinged wooden armchair that can be unfolded and laid out flat. Among the artists she admires most are Donald Judd, obviously, Sol LeWitt, and Bruce Nauman, whose videos fascinate her because of the way they are built around paradoxes. But at the same time her work displays a fond- ness for ornamentation, and she readily cites the writings of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement. We’re also re- minded of the mischievous humor of François Morellet, Taroop & Glabel’s collections of absurd images and the unreal constructions of Andrea Zittel. Bonduelle’s practice is not categorically correct. She works by intuition. Tiptoeing through art history, she plucks out its contradictions. »

Anaël Pigeat’s text extract from art press N°397.


from April 19th to May 15th, 2017

A Tokonoma is an alcove in the entryway of traditional Japanese homes, a place where rays of light reach their end and shadows abound.
The Tokonoma is where the home’s host showcases his art collection, and in keeping with tradition, there is always a mural piece (calligraphy), a ceramic piece, and a floral arrangment called Ikebana.
The quality of a host’s Tokonoma exemplifies his taste and aesthetics.
In his book entitled In Praise of Shadows, Junichirô Tanizaki writes : «Of course the japanese room does have its picture alcove, and in it a hanging scroll and a flower arrangment. But the scroll and the flowers serve not as ornament but rather to give depth to the shadows. We value a scroll above all for the way it blends with the walls of the alcove, and thus we consider the mounting quite as important as the calligraphy or painting.»
The Japanese believe that for objects to be beautiful, they must be viewed under certain circums- tances and must not appear in the vulgarity of a charmless display.
In view of Tanizaki’s work, The Impermanent Collection has identified an installation that is both spatially and curatorially noteworthy, and is very pleased to showcase one Tokonoma in the gallery during her next contemporary art and design exhibition.
The artists and designers who will be on display in the Tokonoma include :
Sophie Dries, Donald Judd, Marie Corbin and Benoît Maire for the Ker-Xavier Collective, Augustus Thompson, Ulrich Wulff.
The Tokonoma is designed by Eugénie Frémiot with the support of the Atelier van Wassenhove.
The Tokonoma’s display will change every week during the exhibition.


from September 10th to October 11th, 2016
For this upcoming edition of Design September Brussels, we are very happy to present a lighting design installation by Belgium designer Pierre Coddens.
Pierre Coddens is a self-taught designer, his rather minimalist approach is intuitive. Attaching special importance to the use of noble materials, he focuses on the graphic impact of the object he conceives as a functional sculpture. The series presented here is a material experience, each piece is the chemical and singular result of brass in reaction to oxidation.


from January 24th to March 09th, 2016
Throught this exhibition, Eugénie Frémiot and Guillaume van Wassenhove are interested by the odes of surfaces, and decided to show Fayçal Baghriche and Mohamed Namou’s works of art in dialogue >Franck Robichez’s furniture design.
The exhibition will show two photographic prints from the Atlas series by artist Fayçal Baghriche, two new Poches paintings by artist Mohamed Namou and design furniture by designer Franck Robichez.


from September 10th to November 30th, 2015

Issue 01  is the first exhibition presented by Eugénie Frémiot in Brussels with Guillaume van Wassenhove.
 Both architects, focusing their interests in Architecture, Design and Contemporary Art, they decide to team up and propose to show some young and talented designers for the inauguration of their new space.

They believe that contemporary creation in the field of Art and Design is a strong source of inspiration and admiration and wish to share with a public of amateurs and connaisseurs their selection. For the opening of the office and gallery space, and on the occasion of Design September Brussels, they present a series of lighting design and furnitures by designer Marion Duclos Mailaender (Design&fils), designer and architect GMDiffraction and architect Marco Lavit Nicora.



” The most difficult thing is to bring flatness into depth” – Céline

Flatness contributes depth in increasing its level of complexity.

This series of solo exhibitions unfolds six proposals to break with the homogeneous condition of a given reality through strait forward ethical aesthetic experiences.

A more or less radical flatness can enrich the experience of subtle an complicated ontological complexes.

Works by Pauline Bastard, Steve Bishop, Michael Dean, Germain Hamel, Fayçal Baghriche, Thomas Mailaender.

A project exhibition made by Eugénie Frémiot, Marion Mailaender and Bastien Rousseau.




An exposition project made in collaboration with curator Isabelle le Normand.