from September 9th to October 14th, 2017
For the occasion of Brussels Design September and Brussels Gallery Weekend, we are very pleased to announce Elvire Bonduelle solo show at the gallery.
We will present a series of “furniture sculpture”, “rotating painting” and a “bird painting”.

« Elvire Bonduelle is engaged in a demanding quest for happiness that obliges her to use all sorts of media ―drawing, sculpture, video and now painting.

Elvire Bonduelle thinks that art should be pretty and light but never frivolous. On the contrary, her work exudes authority. After graduating from fine arts school in 2005 she decided to dedicate her life to a serious quest for happiness, optimism totally in contrast to the cliché of the wretched artiste maudit. She likes to talk about “self-sculpture.” This is the source of a studied fresh- ness that could not exist without a consciousness of the difficulty of existence. The seriousness and joy go together. It’s tempting to see Bonduelle in an art historical light. Her objects sometimes bring to mind Minimalism, as with Wood is Good (2012), a hinged wooden armchair that can be unfolded and laid out flat. Among the artists she admires most are Donald Judd, obviously, Sol LeWitt, and Bruce Nauman, whose videos fascinate her because of the way they are built around paradoxes. But at the same time her work displays a fond- ness for ornamentation, and she readily cites the writings of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement. We’re also re- minded of the mischievous humor of François Morellet, Taroop & Glabel’s collections of absurd images and the unreal constructions of Andrea Zittel. Bonduelle’s practice is not categorically correct. She works by intuition. Tiptoeing through art history, she plucks out its contradictions. »

Anaël Pigeat’s text extract from art press N°397.