Eva Garcia and Nicolas Miessner

Artist and Architect, born in 1980 and 1978.

Live and work in Paris.

Eva Garcia and Nicolas Miessner created in 2008 GMDiffraction.
They focused their research on light as matter, its consistency and its diffusion in the object.
A means of expression and a field of experimentation, their work is based on a quest of the right balance. Eva Garcia’s proven requirement in the world of decoration and craftsmanship combined with the know-how of Nicolas Miessner, architect DPLG, allow these two creators to explore unique territories and transmit us the feeling of a moving and intriguing world. In their studio, they began to collect, gather various objects and to handle some materials: steel, brass, mirror, glass, porcelain. Their creative process has gradually been enriched with meetings and collaborations to complete demanding creations, in a constant attention to detail.