Marie Corbin and Benoît Maire

Architect and Artist, born in 1983 and 1978.

Live and work in Bordeaux.

“KER-XAVIER” is a French label of design headed by the architect Marie Corbin and the artist Benoît Maire. The label has been created in Paris by 5 architects and established itself as a company called Ker-Xavier Sarl in 2018. Between 2011 and 2015, Ker-Xavier was primarily concerned by the domain of exhibition design.
In 2014, Marie Corbin worked with Franco-Vietnamese artist Thu Van Tran on Marguerite Duras’ exhibition for The Center Pompidou in Paris, where she managed partnerships and production to realize the installation of the artist.
In 2016, Benoît Maire was asked to create the exhibition design of Julien Carreyn at Crèvecoeur gallery for the exhibition «Photographies du soir» ( Evening Photographs ). This was the starting point of creating a line of furniture called «du soir» (evening), and the on-going relationship between Ker-Xavier and Julien Carreyn. «Ker-Xavier» now develops objects and furniture such as tables, chairs, stools, lamps and vases. To keep their practice based on exchanges and dialogues they are also open to new collaborations with artists, designers and architects. They present as well, collected rare objects, artifacts and furniture designs to enrich their approach and put a light on distinctive practices they estimate or relate to.